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Mark's Carnivore Experiment

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Mark's Carnivore Experiment

21st September, 2019

  See Day 1 for why I'm doing this.  

It took a while to get off to sleep last night, stomach feeling weird, bloated and "rumbly". Still have diarrhoea. Measured my blood today for first time. Measurements were all taken in the morning before food.

  • Weight: 85.4 kg (188 pounds)
  • Waist: 98 cm (38.5 in.)
  • Body fat: 23%
  • Blood sugar level: 5.2 mmol/L
  • Ketones: 4.0 mmol/L (Moderate)
  • Feeling: Good, slight stomach ache. Slight headache and quite thirsty a lot of the day. Paracetamol and lots of water sorted that out!

Going out for a day at the beach walking with the dog so ate a little more for breakfast.


  • 5 rashers of back bacon
  • 4 large free range eggs (scrambled with butter)


As I was out at the beach with my dog and got hungry, I popped into the supermarket and had

  • 1 packet of Mr Porky pork crackles 70g
  • 110g of chorizo sausage
  • Glass of Rioja red wine 😊 (yeah, I know)
Hunstanton beach with my dog


Got home late, and with all the exercise I had today, I needed a little more food, so had

  • 1 steak and bone marrow burger with a little more chorizo. 186g (0.41 pounds)

Pan was too hot so was a bit overdone on the outside. Amazing flavour though!

Steak & Bone Marrow burgers
Slightly overdone

Some things I'm not getting right:

The Mr Porky and Chorizo was a bad idea as they have some nasty preservatives in them. I'm not eating enough fat, with a fat / protein ratio of 0.86. I think it should be more like 1.4. I'm probably starting to get vitamin deficient because I'm not eating enough oily fish and liver.

I need to take wholesome snacks with me if I'm going out. Supermarkets in UK just cannot give me what I need when I'm mobile.

Will think about that...

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