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Know SEGWIT? Make $3.00 Thanks to a minor bug in our system, President Randy's definition for SEGWIT on our Word Bounty platform was erased erroneously. Because of this, we're extending this $3.00 bounty contest to Sunday night or Monday morning. Feel free to put your hat in the ring... And don't forget to vote! (that's how the winner is determined). Voting is via Money Button next to the word, and only costs 1 penny to vote (voting not required to win). rules: 1. Define a word by clicking on it 2. Pics/GIFs and audio are important, see "Tips for Winning" 3. Typically after 1 week, top amount of votes on definition wins, anyone can vote, but no voting for oneself is allowed. 4. Highest votes gets the bounty 5. Losers still win, as those definitions stay up and can earn votes as seekers click on lightbulb to vote for your definitions. So define well, and it's nearly impossible to lose!