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This interview explains exactly why BSV is heading in the right way. Law compatibility is a feature, not a bug. https://youtube.com/watch?v=gUoEOfR7R6k
That is fine for people who are now just starting to put time, effort and money into BSV. But I have been in crypto since 2010 and there is no good way to do compliance when they keep changing the rules. Circumstances make one into a criminal very quickly.
constantinos replied:
What I am reffering to is the ability for governments to have some control over Bitcoin, e.g. being able to block money related to drugs etc. If you government changes the rules all the time you could probably move that money in another country. I know its not a trivial thing to do but if we are speaking about a large amount then its worth it I think. Thats what I would do. Thats what Craig did if you think about it.
qubes replied:
If you know anything about BTC at all, you would know that it does not exist in any country. It is borderless. It exists in every country on every node and your private keys give you the ability to access your coins and then trade ownership from your 'access' to another person's 'access. Point taken though. I have already moved to another country, not because of coins. I moved in 2000. If the Government were interested in stopping drugs and human trafficking, they would not produce dollars. Not the paper ones anyway. They want to control people.
Do you still think the price will reach 200 these days?
vccin_aux replied:
I followed you here from Twetch : )
constantinos replied:
Thats what I would expect but again.. everything is so manipulated that you cant be sure of anything. We either go up, or down and then up. Its a matter of time before we know.
constantinos replied:
Only the marketmaker can give you a definite answer and I am not one.
vccin_aux replied:
Thanks for your reply and I think BSV is undervalued at the moment.