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Another lockdown, When is this going to end, It's become a trend.
rlcreate tipped:
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1 year ago
emily tipped:
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1 year ago
Really good haiku! And keep positive, we'll get through this eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later!
joexcomics replied:
Haha thanks man, I hope so too!
Don't know why or how, but there seems to be a hint in your haiku that another lockdown is not going to happen... thank you for that "something" in between the lines@joexcomics!
glauce tipped:
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1 year ago
joexcomics replied:
We are going back into lockdown this thursday in the UK for a month but I have heard that some MPs are starting to challenge it saying that they cause more harm than good. If you are not in UK I hope you are right and that you dont have to experience it again! I have a feeling they will try and keep it going into the next year! :(
glauce replied:
I am in the UK too, but couldn't resist the embedded optimism I saw (projected hopeful thinking?)... it was nice to imagine!
joexcomics replied:
Hahaha well I'll be optimistic with you! Hopefully these MPs can prove that lockdowns arnt the way forward!