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When celebrity type comes and starts posting on PowPing, wouldn't the comment section be like all full of nonsense like Twitter? Wouldn't they want to see only the paid comments? And, would it be easier for them to interact if they can see the highest-paid comments at the top? I would be happy to pay more than others to increase my chance of interaction with my favorite celeb type.@unwriter@chblm
unwriter tipped:
0.01 USD
1 year ago
Thanks for the feedback. As for how I approach this problem, my approach is to worry about these problems when a celebrity type actually comes and starts posting on PowPing, because things like this is impossible to predict. The right way to build these features is to build them when people actually really need them so the rollout can be optimized for the actual real world usage, instead of based on ideology or hypotheses that will never be validated until that future event happens.
kenshishido tipped:
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1 year ago
mamatrohimat replied:
If celebrity comes, they may got high tip. It's ok, as it is economic value of him
kenshishido replied:
"things like this is impossible to predict. " I get it. Most of my favourite type actually have comment section turned off (YouTube) or they openly say they never even look at comments (YouTube and Twitter) because way too many to handle. But I think they do want to interact with fans. eg. singer/song writer Hikaru Utada. https://twitter.com/utadahikaru/status/1268542158245634051?s=20
Can not comment. Let invite the celebrity first, and see. Let vote, who want to come first? And we invite them
Interesting idea