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Ok I'm pretty sure Cryptofights is trying to cheat their players. They have bots running in the PVP queue that can use Multiattack every turn (should be every 3 turns) and have crazy stats etc. Im not sure if they didn't just turn them on cause i Keep winning so much to try to stop me from playing. but I'm still winning.
It's either that or they have someone who figured out an exploit. And is cheating. Either way these bots are using multiattack every turn. Literally stupidly unfair like. Insanely unfair that they can. And they are all identical builds like it has to be the site itself??
bitcoin_assassin replied:
What was the name of the fighter? Test somthing?
felon_musk replied:
Yes but there are like 5 of them, identical. i put all the evidence on twitter. They are definitely cheating their players out of money. If not then someone figured out an exploit and is running 5+ identical bots. https://twitter.com/ScamsTwetch/status/1403120188287983617
felon_musk replied:
These people act like I'm not a god tier genius investigator or something. WTF is with all the scammers in crypto? THESE PEOPLE ARE FUCKING NICKEL AND DIMING PEOPLE THROUGH A GAME STEALING THEIR BSV