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Eth fees will start hitting $20 soon Uniswap and other liquidity pools are listing hundreds of shitcoins a day now - that’s clogging ethereum faster than they can handle Expect Ethereum to implode soon
Idiots will pay the fees if they expect the returns to far out way the initial costs. It could go on for a while longer.
mooncat replied:
I agree. I've watched all the videos about these projects on youtube and all people care about is getting in early to shitcoins to make a profit - this won't end well
um how does it not already count as imploded,, it's been living on pure hope for a long time now, nobody ever says that ethereum is currently working awesomely, they only say good things about their fantasies about 2.0
mooncat replied:
Well they have some types of solutions which are being implemented right now, but scaling issues are coming faster than they can keep up. Optimistic roll ups and wrapped tokens/coins are happening now, but it doesn’t seem like it will be enough. There’s also outside liquidity pools being built which bypass The Eth token and use wrapped forms of other crypto’s to steal value from the Eth token - these will help to scale ethereum, but are months away.
mooncat replied:
Ethereum will probably end up scaling, but it will be outside forces stealing the value from the ecosystem which is hilarious
mungojelly replied:
fake Bitcoin breaking and then this shitty Ethereum thing breaking wasn't surprising really since it's people intentionally breaking Bitcoin and then some amateurs put together some random shit that did it break of course it did,,, but the combination of both of those things breaking so publicly gave people a general sense that the Bitcoin design just doesn't work, and now the idea that Bitcoin doesn't actually work is fundamental to how the "crypto" community thinks, that's why they laugh at BSV and why BSV simply working fine should be plenty to dismiss all the silliness
mooncat replied:
Vitalik and the other creators new it wouldn't scale from the start it's a case of fake it until you make it.
The question is, will it implode? or will they be happy to pay the fee to keep the hype going? I feel like it could be the latter.
mooncat replied:
Definitely have my popcorn ready
mooncat replied:
It’s definitely a fun playground to be in. Using uniswap and meta mask is enjoyable. Hope to see something similar on Bsv