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If Streamanity only accept RelayX and not MoneyButton I would like to see a video service that does accept MoneyButton too - do we really want monopolies forming in the BSV space?
You got it.
I got RelayX working on my iPhone but not on Windows10. Haven't tried Linux yet. At least I was able to watch the Numpties Special on Streamanity which was the object of the exercise. So many really bright young folks - gives me optimism for the future!
If PowPing only accept Moneybutton and not RelayX, I would like to see a bitcoin social network that does accept RelayX too - do we really want monopolies forming in the BSV space? Streamanity will add Moneybutton before PowPing adds RelayX, otherwise I will send you 1 BSV.
hermes tipped:
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
seangray replied:
Are these tasks genuinely equivalent tho? A new user could register with moneybutton rather easily on streamanity, in theory. Adding relayx payments to existing powping accounts is a completely different task. New relayx signups would be comparatively easier.
mamatrohimat replied:
Powping will add relayx before streaminity add money button. You can send BSV to me now:-). @unwriter
benjamin replied:
Think it would be easier if RelayX was easier to set-up/use. I can see that setting-up a RelayX wallet probably had 2.5x the friction compared to my MB experience... just sayin'. The only thing that compelled me to do it was a combination of wanting to watch a specific video (incentive) and a very high MB penalty ($18 - disincentive). I'm glad someone pointed out the option though at least. If MB just wasn't an option, I just wanted have bothered with trying to "buy" the video. Somehow, having an option... even a very unappealing one... made me go ahead and go for it.
Since RelayX recently purchased Streamanity, it would make sense they can quickly incorporate RelayX wallet. It appears the option for Moneybutton is being worked on and will be added once the target funds are raised: https://streamanity.com/features
seangray replied:
If the features were worth having, users wouldn't be the ones speculating on them.
RelayX bought it so I guess they will only implement their wallet. It is kind of fair if you think they are the investors. Let's see how it will develop :)
jackcliu replied:
Moneybutton was added, every wallet's Paymail was added.
jasmr tipped:
0.08 USD
2 years ago
Did they say that's how it's going to work? I heard they're working on overhauling the site.
I can't see them not accepting MB.
jasmr replied:
It wouldn't allow me to use MB when I tried yesterday. Might be me :-).