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I just tried to use Moneystream on Firefox but I can't get the video to play. I've downloaded the extension on Firefox and click the button but it says I haven't downloaded it. I have the latest Firefox version installed and I disabled the Adblock incase that was disrupting something but still doesn't work. When I click the 'Click here after Moneystream is installed' something happens - the logos seem to go larger, but then it immediately reverts back to the same screen.
pete tipped:
fullcycle tipped:
Thanks for the feedback. I don't think firefox can detect extensions. This onboarding tool is only going to work on chrome, i think. I will research it more.
fullcycle replied:
To clarify, onboarding tool will work, it will just be more cumbersome for firefox users but I will have to add some extra prompt for firefox.
Same problem here with Firefox.
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fullcycle replied:
Thanks. I forgot firefox does not detect extensions like chrome does. I might have to prompt firefox user to paste in address