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Word Bounty has caught a bid from some PATRONS: Word Bounty now has $2 words which are open for Word$miths to make money via competing to write the best definitions. https://www.slictionary.com/WordBounty Rules: 1. Define the word by clicking on the word which takes you to "smithing" page 2. HINT! Upload a picture/GIF and audio pronunciation, be CREATIVE for the Win! 3. If yours is VOTED best over a week U win bounty, early-birds frequently get the worm 4. (optional) Feel free to vote on your favorite definitions by swiping the Money Button on Word Bounty, it's just a penny to help other creatives win their competition! 5. COMPETE! If you go to vote on a Word Bounty word and think "I Can Do Better", go for it and steal the bounty! No bounty is safe until the votes are tallied, but the early birds have the advantage. As you can see from this picture, a couple of these words have been up since yesterday and not yet defined so its wide open! But don't leave yourself open to competition, define it so well the first time that subsequent Word$miths will leave your definition alone! CREATIVITY "DRAG RACES" HAVE OFFICIALLY BEGUN!