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I wrote a VSCode extension for the Bitcoin Scripting Language: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=shade.bsl&ssr=false#overview It only does syntax highlighting and will recognize .bsl files at the moment. I plan on adding snippets for patterns like OP_PUSHDATA and OP_IF/OP_ELSE. Feel free to provide feedback, questions and suggestions.
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Cool, can’t wait to try it out. Early first draft of “What is BitCoin!” here: https://sym.re/oavobE Send me your thoughts, feedback, typos— especially the end-part about pruning and OP_PUSHDATA
You'll probably want to watch the presentation I'm giving at devcon ;) more tooling in this area is sorely needed.
joe replied:
I've already been signed up :D was pretty excited after listening to your coingeek talk on Script way back when (It's where I got the logo from)
Note: Noticed a small bug where OP_IFDUP and others were recognized as OP_IF with random characters appended to it. That has been fixed as of 0.0.6
does it support all opcodes?
joe replied:
Yes, all native opcodes.