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Cleaning up exporting transactions..

The remaining work after adding support for signing transactions with Trezor hardware wallets that use their latest firmware, is extending our incomplete transaction format to allow spent transactions to be included. This will eventually be extended to include SPV proofs, which are a superset and likely a standardised one, or just the spent transactions we will start with. 

The copy/save menus in the transaction dialog (used to view a transaction) will likely include these options for complete transactions:

The copy/save menus for incomplete transactions will likely look like this:

I'm pretty sure this will cover all the bases for copying and saving.

In between the copy and save buttons is the QR code button, this will not be able to be used to communicate a transaction with proofs due to the limited amount of data that QR codes can include. It is not worth it at this time, but we could do a low tech QR code slideshow that encodes arbitrarily large files if we really had to. But it would likely signal that we were not working on more important things.

-- rt12

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