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I'm gonna mix crypto and tarot - here's my question: Will BCH experience a split in November?
Ha, I'm not sure what exactly that means but I have an answer for you LOL! You got the Magician card, as your main card (attached). The Magician is all about personal power and the ability to mix all the elements together to manifest things. This means that you have the ability to take action right now so that you can be in a good position for November. When I look at the possibility of there not being a split in Nov, I get the Queen of Pentacles. She brings established money energy but not a lot of movement or change. When I look at the possibility of there being a split Nov, I get the King of Wands. He's the master of fire and movement, but he's not as focused on immediate earthly concerns as the queen--he can really turn a bad situation around though. Looking at both cards, I'd put my money on the King of Wands, meaning, there's more energy behind a split in Nov but I wouldn't expect it to pay off immediately.
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