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Part 2: You and Adam hop in your hovercraft and take off. He drives. You ride shotgun, except instead of firing shells your pump action produces a highly concentrated, 3,000 degree Fahrenheit particle beam. Within seconds you can see the other hover craft approaching head on just over the horizon. “How long until you can scan it?” You ask. “Another minute or so.” Moments later Adam continues, “Privately owned vehicle. One human on board. Appears to be unarmed, but he could be partially jamming the scan.” “They can do that now?” “They can do a lot of things. At this trajectory we’ll collide in two minutes. Should I come to a stop or play chicken?” “Play chicken?” “A contest of nerve in which two cars drive towards each other or an obstacle, cliff edge, etc – the loser being the driver who turns aside first; thus any form of foolish dare-devilry.” Do you... A) Play chicken B) Come to a stop
pete tipped:
Oh no, at this time we don't have option C. 🙂 What do you think we should go for@glauce,@manfred, and others?
glauce replied:
Oh... that is bad... I like neither, it could be a friendly human, in trouble... or it could be a bastard, but can't scan if is being jammed... uhmmm ... I think playing chicken is the worse choice, what does it get me being a foolish dare devil? Not clever at all, specially if they prove to be unarmed... this seems to be the future, so unarmed is plausible... I would like to chose the friendliest action, but there isn't one... I guess coming to a stop is the closest to it, a kind of hello... but that would be rather uncool if they are nasties... still, I might take that risk instead of a useless bravado... hummm... still not sure and time is running out... yes, stop (although I am still tempted to speed ahead)... 🙄... give a C option, quick!!!
pete tipped: