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The Russians got them!!
Probably needs Epstein & Maxwell, but I can't complain, it's very good.
Not Russia. 🕵️ China
monbon replied:
The news will say it was the Russians
bsvfan replied:
Yes as always. Russia has no strategic interest in spending money unnecessarily on collecting consumption, factual and financial data, while China wants to know who, when, where and how to enter the data into their closed "strategic" databases, KR as an operational accomplice... Each one of us is identified through state files but also between the but of foreign powers such as UE, CN, US... Knowing one's enemy, measuring forces, establishing encrypted communication are the bases of a conquest established in a programme with colossal stakes written for a long time and planned well beyond 2050 at least. Geostrategic stakes predominate in a manipulation of data on a global scale. Developing an economic exchange with a tendency of world domination (CBDC equivalent) make prevail the idea of an economic liberation for China against the US dollar, this can be considered legitimate since as soon as a country refuses the dollar for trade in oil or other goods, they are inflicted economic constraints, embargoes, multiple restrictions, various sanctions, no access to international aid ... . The problem with the dollar today is that over the years the currency has been depreciating at a dizzying rate for more than a century. It is a calamity for some and a fantastic opportunity for those who sell the dollar (central banks). Those who will pledge allegiance (economically speaking) will have facilities for the others they are already left behind, the risk that this pattern will be repeated with an economically dominant nation aka China will be unavoidable. It is a repeated pattern, so the classes of the poor, the middle classes, and the rich classes will continue to pay more so that all these privileged gentlemen, from ultra-rich civil networks, parliamentarians puppets from all the political parties in the shadows, can continue to amass massive fortunes, go to restaurants, buy missiles to brandish their threats and make hypocritical summits that cost the eyes of the head to deal in data, share the wealth squandered throughout the world under the pretense of developing collective interests. With all the money amassed by the ultra-rich and the States, it would be very easy to feed everyone, give access to education, healthcare, united research, calibrate a population for better monitoring, yield, yet this is what China and others do, but under control, right, extreme right, left, extreme left, alternative, centrist, independent, socialism. Communism, Marxism, libertarian, anarchist, protestant, autonomous, federalist, authoritarian, anti-industrial, capitalist Monarchist, call them whatever you want, it's all the same in the end they all do the same thing controlling each other in the matrix of a galactic system. Very soon the human augmented by the increase ia will emerge, imagine all that already exists but amplified. Such is the future, radiant for some, catastrophic for others. Models may change if consciousness becomes collective and unified, but then we will still be human beings, I highly doubt it.
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