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https://imgur.com/a/rhcAb4W AHH LOL!!! I was AFK making soup! Chicken soup! from scratch!
O nooo! 1 point šŸ˜‚ Iā€™m still working on black beard but he uses fire and is pretty beast so far. Iā€™m still comin for red beard!! šŸ˜‚
felon_musk replied:
hahahha well i aint seen him since. but he'll be back. THEY ALWAYS come back. Theres lots more people todya but still nobody in PVP.
Brotha you need to make some meta builds!!!
felon_musk replied:
felon_musk replied:
u really gotta make optimized builds or else you have no chance of winning. literally the items aren't as important as the skills and stats. you can get +3/+4 stats with uncommon items and thats pretty good (+8 is max with rare items right now) and then with the proper builds you will be just as strong
felon_musk replied:
Its like.. you have to make every turn count. if youre playing someone the same skill lvl you gotta execute your game plan flawlessly with as strong of a setup as they do. What I did was just observe what everyone else did that was strong, then copied it but altered them all slightly to ensure i could beat them lol. The other top players.
felon_musk replied:
https://imgur.com/a/KvEMzDe trust me i've made $4 LOL