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Here is a parable written by a brilliant man about how some things are, which I strongly suggest you explore. Quote 🟢A bifurcation of rules creates a diverging game protocol. North America play 'Football", created in 1869 as a game with an egg shaped ball, passed forward by throwing with hands. The original protocol for football was documented in 206BC in China under the Han Dynasty. A new set of rules was created for competition football, in Greece in 228 which involved hands and violence. Association football, known as "Football" in the UK but "Soccer" in North America (to avoid confusion with their football protocol) was recorded in 1842, using feet only. Soccer is played with a round ball and only the goalkeeper can use their hands inside their own box. Rugby began at my former school of Rugby, Warwickshire, UK, in 1823 by William Web Ellis, during a game of football where he picked up the ball and ran with it. This is an egg shaped ball that can only be thrown backwards. North America adopted these rules of Rugby, adding protective helmets and body armour which are not allowed in Rugby. Australia did the something similar. In the UK, we call North American football "American Football". We call Australian football "Aussie Rules Fooball" and both America, Canada and Australia call British Footbal "Soccer". UK plays both Football (Soccer) and Rugby, as do New Zealand, South Africa, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland and Oceana. These sports are mutually exclusive and they have their own set protocols. They are not played in the same countries, in the same stadiums with the same fanbase. It's the same with BTC, BCH & BSV. All 3 have history going back to the Genesis block in January 2009. BTC created a new game and new protocol in 2017 by adding changes to the protocol, thus changing the game. BCH changed the protocol too in 2018 creating a new protocol and non compatible ruleset. Cross chain Bitcoin transactions remain shared & mutually supported up until a fork. Exchanges are like supporters. They call the sport they like playing the name of the team they support. These teams are reference node implementations chosen by the ticker (team) that was playing before. Bitcoin Core changed the Bitcoin protocol but retained the trading ticker. Supporters of the original Bitcoin protocol have been reassigned tickers but have been reassigned names by exchanges to differentiate the naming convention of their hosting teams game. BSV is Bitcoin with the original progeny. It's Bitcoin in every sense of the founding protocol. Now imagine the uproar if I went to America, bought out all of the football stadiums and told all of the players they can only play soccer rules, only with feet, only with a round ball. The fans turn up expecting touchdowns but they get headers, volleys, chips and hooks instead. BSVers don't care about the ticker. The original Bitcoin ticker was XBT anyway. What we care about is our original game's protocol retaining its progeny and not having people who "ran with the ball' changing the rules of the game after they thought Satoshi had left. Satoshi didn't leave. He focussed on creating a Football Association and international teams of players for a World Cup Competition, where everyone can compete. A global, international sport. Core stole Satoshi's ball. Craig Wright wants his ball back! May the best team win. Source https://twitter.com/murphsicles/status/1353721938594713601
Roy Murphy@murphsicles Now you understand why original protocol have bifurcated (Forked) to XBT > BTC > BCH > BSV. And why now BitcoinSV is only the real Bitcoin compliant with Satoshi Nakamoto (aka authentic CSW) work 👆