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Quickstart to TAAL: Main website: https://www.taal.com TAAL's 5 Year Corporate Vision: https://www.taal.com/company-presentations/ Listed Exchanges: CAD Market: https://thecse.com/en/listings/technology/taal-distributed-information-technologies-inc EUR Market: https://www.boerse-frankfurt.de/equity/taal-distributed-info USD Market: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/SQRMF/overview For Europeans DEGIRO is the cheapest exchange I've found for TAAL shares. You can use my ref link for £20 off trading fees: https://www.degiro.co.uk/member-get-member/start-trading.html?id=80975918&referral_name=Kwang%20Liam%20Chai&utm_source=mgm Interview with CEO Jerry Chan by Charles Miller https://youtu.be/do3-xhkg3uw
SirToshiTV 3-part Interview with Jerry Chan: [LINK BROKEN - SirToshiTV seems to have been banned on YT. This was a very good interview series so if anyone has a mirror or is in touch with SirToshi] https://youtube.com/watch?v=s6wnjcyrru8
Find the latest Management Discussion's & Analysis (MD&A) and financial statements here: https://www.sedar.com/DisplayCompanyDocuments.do?lang=EN&issuerNo=00036887 Chatrooms: https://ceo.ca/taal https://ceo.ca/sqr [historic chat logs from before reverse split] Largest Shareholders: Calvin Ayre 10,419,263 common shares 2,279,215 NVPS APMS Investment Fund Ltd 1,575,000 common shares (they were lead purchasers in a private placement that sold 6,375,000 common shares in total. The other purchasers remain undisclosed). Stefan Matthews 1,125,000 common shares Jerry Chan 120,000 common shares Conrad Druzeta 45,000 common shares Michael Darcy 40,000 common shares Other Shareholders from Informal Sources: Quebec Investor Network (Jerome Cliche, Nicholas Mainville and others) 2,000,000+ common shares https://twitter.com/JeromeCliche/status/1257396129949462530?s=20
John Pitts, 1-5% of AUM: https://twitter.com/EquityDiamonds/status/1243550630834245632?s=20
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I would love to pin this post to the channel header.
liam replied:
That would be awesome! I’m sure that feature would be available soon
Speculative: Given how much Calvin Ayre has been wining and dining the execs of EHR Data, it’s quite possible a Service Level Agreement (SLA) might be signed between EHR and TAAL. EHR say they may need up to 32 billion transactions per year.
robertogox replied:
Thats a x180 from actual volume. Enough to change my life considering that price should increase nearly the same by velocity of money. Peace
TAAL have 270 PH of mining power that they own directly. 2900 PH that they manage. This 2900 PH is all from CoinGeek Mining as far as I know. Given Calvin Ayre is the largest shareholder CoinGeek Mining has effectively become TAAL.
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This was what confused me for a while. Coingeek mining has pretty much disappeared from coin.dance for a while. Was going to ask here, but I guess I'll create a separate post https://powping.com/posts/7a343322130d47b4449e917487b7e534ad0f90ad195e5d200ea9094882b55113