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BSV Business Ideas

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Buy (micro) startups but on-chain. For ex https://microacquire.com
pingopongo tipped:
It will be interesting to see how public/liquid private markets can expand to smaller and smaller companies over time. I wonder how investors would perceive the impacts of COVID-19 if they had exposure to a bunch of mom-and-pops and other small, local businesses
pete tipped:
pete replied:
It'd be fun to have something like https://www.kiva.org where one could invest, not just give loan, to promising projects all over the planet. :-]
jack replied:
For sure. We have a tie with kiva actually... Would love to see them on BSV
Dark pattern alert: they require buyers to have a LinkedIn account. I cannot find a link to delete my account there.
pete replied:
^ Refers to Microacquire.
baltsar replied:
Yes, they force you as well to put in your linkedin profile URL in the setup of profile. I am fucked.
baltsar replied:
"force" I mean in order to proceed to see the market I need to finish my profile. All input fields are required.
pete tipped: