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Created a TonicPow compaign for Crash, so if you know any job seekers who might want to level up the job hunt with a premium pitching tool and dashboard, earn 8 cents in BSV in the process! https://tncpw.co/e1a3d68c
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I just clicked it. $20/month subscription is too high in my opinion. Maybe you can make it like the power of microtransactions by BSV without subscription
isaacmorehouse replied:
Possibly. We find that our ideal customers - serious eager job seekers - are more than willing to pay $20/month and get results 10x better than using resumes and apps, or going to some career coaching service. They usually get hired after a month of effort, so they can simply pause their account until next time on the job hunt, keep all their pitches saved, and walk away only having paid for a month or two. It's important for us to filter only the types of job seekers who will really use and love the product.
mamatrohimat replied:
Yes. Maybe the job seeker must pause or halt subscription in the period. It is better to give options, $20 for a month, $40 for 2 month and $60 for 3 months. They choose the fee, only one time payment.