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Social media blitz Post a picture of my twix Hashtag like my pic
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sick twix
joexcomics replied:
Lol thanks
Lol I love it! There's one too many syllables on the first line, but I think like@glauce you're unlucky as syllable counter shows that media is 2 syllables, I've double checked and it's 3 syllables, I think syllable counter isn't currently that accurate, try wordcalc.com it seems to be working better at the moment. Still love the haiku and the picture, and also twixs! Now I want a twix!
joexcomics replied:
Thanks! Yeah I thought media was 3 but figured I was saying it wrong according to syllable counter lol
rlcreate replied:
Lol yeah it's made a few mistakes recently, wordcalc.com seems to be a more accurate counter at the moment, for the ones I've checked at least
glauce replied:
wordcalc.com seems to have gone mad... it says reserved has 1 syllable... 😆😂🤣
rlcreate replied:
Lol 🤣, there must be an accurate syllable counter out there somewhere, sometimes if I'm not sure about a word I'll Google how many syllables it has, it's a bit longer but maybe that's the only way to be sure?
I love it!!! You're a star@joexcomics!
joexcomics replied:
Lol thanks! <3