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Speed of data is going to be so important with the coming Ai/Machine algorithm revolution. Faster learning/reacting algorithms will chew up any businesses/banks/governments that aren't trying to dominate - it will be survival of the fittest. If your network can't scale to the speeds needed to stay ahead you will fail. This level playing field mantra they preach is a lie. There will be groups who will operate outside of it in secret, and when the time is right they will land a killer blow.These groups now have the tools to operate in total secret due to crypto. We've seen the type of disruption the internet has caused, the coming disruption is going to be as a pace we are not ready for. Human progress is about to enter the S curve.
We are about to get a wake up call as things like Crypto, bio metrics, Nanobots, CRISPR, Genetics, energy, Robotics, weapons, warfare, 5G, improvement of psychology and cloud computing all work together.