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Posted my third email to my MP about lockdowns in UK. I will keep doing it as it is the most important issue in my lifetime. There is no science or justification for lockdown/masks whatsoever and is one of the most destructive unnecessary policies in British history. I don't know what else to do apart from chain myself naked to number 10 at the same time as going on Hunger Strike. --- Regarding COVID-19, please consider the following: 1. Contrary to the claims from Whitty/Vallance that ‘the efforts of people’ kept the virus down over the summer, no, it wasn’t that. It was seasonality and a reflection of how viruses operate. (There were no spikes as a result of people piling into the West Country by the millions.) 2. Come the winter this virus will rise but not to epidemic level and not with the same mortality impact that was threatened. Why? Seasonality. 3. The lower R rate is not due to social distancing but to seasonality. 4. Sweden is getting a rise this autumn but lower than here. 5. In fact far from rising everywhere, this autumn surge is already flattening everywhere and no, we are not seeing excess mortality – there is nothing unusual. 6. The numbers will not exceed the previous peak. Every winter sees an increase in respiratory viruses and pressure on hospitals but we never lock down for it. 7. The real scandal is that the summer period of low pressure was squandered by the NHS and Trusts when they did nothing to manage or reform capacity issues. 8. The ‘pressure on hospitals’ graphs shown by Witless and Unbalanced was based on cherry picked hospitals and amounted to ‘a fraud used to terrorise the nation’. 9. On their now infamous worst case scenario claim of a potential death rate twice as bad as before: no virus in history after passing the epidemic phase has ever ‘mustered’ such a second big hit, as the usual modellers W and V drew on should know. 10. Lockdown policies have not just not delivered anything in terms of reducing Covid mortality impact – there is no relationship between lockdown and deaths per million across 50 countries. Furthermore two new research reports show that they may cost more in Covid deaths – the result of attempts to suppress the virus and above and beyondlockdown’s other collateral death toll, from cancer and suicide and so on. Medical Engineer and Data Analyst, Ivor Cummins, puts forth unbiased data here https://youtu.be/E0Z2rfsUbBs
without the hysteria. Please give it the time and attention it deserves, all our lives are depending on it.
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You are doing the right things: Learn, act, and educate. The Great Awakening will take time and effort.