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Would love to open a discussion on ZAT tokens and the risks involved. I made a video here talking through it: https://youtu.be/pyhjwCvnHqk
Keen to hear other people's perspectives on this. What is the risk that Zatoshi rugs pull on people? If it's a 10% payout on 10th January 2022, then the first payout is effectively a 20% APR on your BSV. Though if you delay buying ZATs until the last available date, which I think is 1st Sept, then that APR can be even higher. But ZATs might also sell out before that date. Will tip thoughtful replies :-)
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I think its fascinating that the potential development of a secondary market determines the effective interest rate for new buyers (like a bond). In theory it should never drop below 10%, but if the coin doubles in prices the rate becomes 5% for new buyers. 10% seems quite high relatively, but low given the risk (which technically is 100%). Should be interesting leading up to 9/1.
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I dont think he rug pulls but there are certainly people who do not trust him because hes a mystery. The risk seems lower to me because he is popular and so the demand for the coin is high. I think he earned $14K yesterday looking at 24hr volume. I was thinking the coin might 10x if it sells out. He will have to keep a lot of what he makes to give back to holders throughout the years. Interesting experiment. $CUB would like to do something like this. Maybe an NFT that pays per month? 🙂 Enjoy the vid thanks.
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So far he has sold over 1300 BSV worth of ZAT tokens. There are still 1900 BSV worth of ZAT tokens for sale, but he'll pull any unsold on 1st Sept so price of ZAT tokens could jump up then. And yeah NFTs that are yield generating seem to be in demand.
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Interesting info thank you!
joshua replied:
Guess I know what my next tutorial is...
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Thanks for sharing. Good watch.