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Total Economy: 0.03 USD
2c per post on Twetch may not seem like a lot, but for somebody averaging 100 posts per day, by the end of a month you are looking at $60 for 50 daily likes over the course of a month you are looking at $75 That's a lot of output so you hope your posts are worth something to other people as you will probably expect some give and take. Those fees will likely end up excluding a lot of posters in the third world and thus create a smaller market for twetch. I still think Twetch is cool, the fee's need to change though imo.
trustyfly tipped:
0.02 USD
1 year ago
_kevin_pham tipped:
0.01 USD
1 year ago
May be it is time to see how this can be turn to an opportunity ! if they want they can cut their prices... again and again.
Do they base that price on fees? Never understood why such a high price. I assume its based on the "my 2 cents" but that just seems arbitrary.
mooncat replied:
I honestly don't know. If you can send somebody 0.01 on powping using moneybutton, then you should be able to on twetch i would have thought.
seangray tipped:
0.01 USD
1 year ago
mooncat replied:
I think twetch should at least reduce all fees down to 0.01 They have a tipping system in place if people want to use it.
seangray replied:
I just sent .0025 cents to you
I remember the argument that a % the fees which twetch charge per transaction Goes into platform development, which removes the need for advertising on the platform, keeping your data safe.
I made over 20 dollars posting on Twetch. But I probably spent more than 20 dollars making posts (particularly because images cost so much to upload)
adonsats replied:
clear. exactly clear.
Plus it's 10c to follow people.
seangray replied:
Twetch is a shakedown