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This has to be my favourite account on #powping right now. https://powping.com/@flatoshi Brightens my day, thanks.
murphy tipped:
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2 years ago
once you go Flat , you don't go back.
marquee replied:
Just to be clear, belief in flat earth is ridiculous. It's pretty funny seeing the "evidence" put forward.
murphy replied:
it's could be way more then just a belief , you choose the system you understand the most, the one that complete your reasoning, it's part of the faith and who we are and what we are looking for. not every recent generation had the luck to even just look-listen&question together, that 'old' information the way we can today.
marquee replied:
Whether the earth is spherical or flat is not a system of understanding, it's either spherical or it isn't.
murphy replied:
the spinning ball theory system , is mechanically impossible , even looking around us, we don't need to speculate 'outterspace' . Humans have millions of mechanical invention, functioning a specific way&pattern, but somehow, the sky and the land shall works just the complete opposit ? . i'm a career mechanical engineer, repairman troubleshooter for big money , i can't claim i understand a system i don't. I understand the old model as i'm completely lost in the 'new' model, and i respect what people understand and go by. i don't claim i have the correct model, i just know my self , i can make a plane fly.
bitscomplicated replied:
"The spinning ball theory". Bruh...