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I am considering creating an long-lasting independent user's group for the ecosystem. I still cannot wrap my mind around the level of hostility that has been expressed toward customers This group's objective will be to score businesses, apps, and their principals by 1 to 5 on a combination of 3 measures: 1.) treatment, from verbal to actions, including T&C, of how customers are valued. 2.) exposure to hashing in customer's devices, again from risks, such as verbal positions, to actions 3.) exposure to supporting Bitcoin transactions that are not in the self-interest of customers, again from verbal risk to action. I'd like to know how much interest there is in the concept, whether some donation/fee could help the mission such as funding examination and monitoring of apps and transactions, whether it would help to organize this as a US non-profit
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For instance, if somebody has said "Build or Die", this person's businesses would score very low to inform you as a customer or low end service provider that this person wants you to "Die" in some form. This person would likely treat you and your interests poorly in a customer relationship, or low end service provider relationship. This person would likely have no hesitation to hashing in your device. This person wouldn't care about your view toward their use of network transactions generation against your interest.
since using BSV apps is often a two way relationship, the group would also protect the interest of users as low end providers of service who are receiving micropayment rather than as "customers", such as any app that might pay out to them less than $1000 per year