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BSV Basics

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I have a client that wants to build on bsv. He has around 200 million in assets he wants to tokenize. He also said he wanted to build something on bsv like a platform. Can someone point me out where my client can get some guidance or someone to contact?
glauce tipped:
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1 year ago
pete tipped:
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1 year ago
you can also check here https://bitcoinsvdevelopers.com/
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1 year ago
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glauce replied:
Thank you for the link!
monbon replied:
Thanks for your answer. I'll be seeking their help as well as elas.digital. My client was about to use poker dot (sorry dont know the name exactly). But told him about whybsv.com. and now wants to build on Bitcoin. He wants to build a platform to tokenize real estate.
Get in touch with James Belding: https://tokenized.com/
glauce replied:
Nice one@liam!
glauce replied:
This link might help (from12 Oct 2020) Tokenized demo: Managing everything important in one place https://coingeek.com/tokenized-demo-managing-everything-important-in-one-place/
monbon replied:
Very nice!! I think this is what I've been looking for. My client wants to tokenize real estate. He already has 200 mill in assets.
glauce replied:
Wow, that is a nice healthy list, thank you@pete
I added a link on our Telegram group again... lets see if we can refresh your question.
Hot question@monbon! There is a lot going on in the subject of tokenisation, as well as on building on BSV, hope you'll get some good informed answers here. I'm also going to add a link to your post in our BSV Basics Telegram group,@elas_digital and other knowledgeable people may come to the rescue.
monbon replied:
Thank you bsv community! All this information I recieved is much appreciated
glauce replied:
Glad to hear it, please let us know how you get on... and feel free to ask if you need any more information
how about just contact _unwriter and his team. their understandings about bsv infrastructure and metanet will definitely help.
glauce replied:
Thanks for that@dar42, it would be great to hear from them, just wonder how busy their team is at the moment.