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Anthony de Mello

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It was the birthday of the parish priest and the children had come with their birthday greetings and gifts. Father took the gift-wrapped parcel from little Mary and said, “Ah! I see you have brought me a book.” (Mary’s father ran a bookstore in town) “Yes, how did you know?” “Father always knows!” “And you, Tommy, have brought me a sweater,” said Father picking up the parcel Tommy held out to him. (Tommy’s father was a dealer in woollen goods). “That’s right. How did you know?” “Ah! Father always knows.” And so it went, till Father lifted Bobby’s box. The wrapping paper was wet (Bobby’s father sold wines and liquors) so Father said, “I see you have brought me a bottle of scotch and spilled some of it!” “Wrong,” said Bobby, “it isn’t scotch.” “Well, a bottle of rum then.” “Wrong again.” Father’s fingers were wet. He put one of them into his mouth but that gave him no clue. “Is it gin?” “No,” said Bobby. “I’ve brought you a puppy!” 🙂