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Bit 4. What is Bitcoin?

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Where is that rap battle Ryan mentioned? As always great video!đź‘Ť
I really like those videos. I learn way more from them than from any other videos abous bitcoin out there. Not only about bitcoin itself, but about many other side topics. My great thanks and respect to both Ryan and Craig
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Bitcoin ... c'est la voie qui mène le leader engagé vers une promesse certaine : La LIBERTÉ
Bitcoin is the restoration of the rights of peoples who have fulfilled their duty.
Simple. Bitcoin is Satoshi's vision for a more honest and responsible world.
Bitcoin is the universal information interface. It allows the polymorphic transfer of information in all forms. If you cast information as a Satoshi (or a tokenized Satoshi) it can be transmitted and read by all entities interacting with the blockchain. It transcends communication limits, and it does this by quantifying the subjective time-value of information