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I always wondered why some bitcoiners are maximilists, now I understand. You have to be a maxi if you want bitcoin to win. Multiple token systems just create multiple weak projects - If you support multiple coins/tokens then you are just helping to divide and conquer your own protocol.
joebrockhaus tipped:
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1 year ago
Can you give some examples of tokens you're speaking of? Also, AFAIK all token solutions on BSV are not currencies (meaning they are not like the ETH ICO tokens) so I don't think it really divides anything. My worry is rather the opposite. Because these token projects focus on being legal and boring use cases, they may never be as exciting as people think when they hear the term "token", and it may take years for the whole token ecosystem to take off.....
mooncat replied:
I believe there's a focus to temp other tokens onto bsv. They can all use the bsv as the payment method - it's superior - no other token/coin needed.
musiq replied:
> I believe there's a focus to temp other tokens onto bsv. Oh I didn't know about that, would like to learn more. Yeah that's a bad idea.
interactions with other protocols/chains leaves larger room for bugs and unwanted/unintended anomalies. even worse maybe ways to back door things. one chain, one protocol to build on. maybe these can all be rewritten to be second layer protocols on bsv. then they survive. if not, good luck to your projects. may not die but good luck.
mooncat tipped:
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1 year ago