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BSV Basics

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Ok, so now that handcash went keyless or is going keyless. What are the differences between Volt vs Handcash?
glauce tipped:
Alex Agut and Brandon Cryderman from HandCash about their v2.5 release https://youtu.be/w3my0akkVL4
monbon tipped:
monbon replied:
Very good question@monbon... this is fresh territory and I am also very keen to hear from people who can clarify the advantages and disadvantages, if any, of both wallets... and for completeness, how do they compare with being your own bank, in total control of your own security.
monbon replied:
electrumsv replied:
Regular people are not going to want to deal with all the risks and confusion about "being your own bank". I just had one who was tricked into downloading a malware version of ElectrumSV. They are going to want secured trusted hosted wallet applications like HandCash to take all that risk and confusion away. -- rt12
monbon replied:
When I got into crypto I didnt like the Idea of being my own bank and lose everything type of thing. Do you know the differences between volt and handcash when it comes to security and retrieving funds In case of lost passcode?
electrumsv replied:
No. I would expect it to be on their web site put clearly so users knew what to expect. Maybe look there. -- rt12
glauce replied:
Thank you for the insights... I agree with both of you@electrumsv and@monbon, it is great to be able to relax and have security taken care of, specially where new users and/or people who don't want to get involved with technicalities are concerned... Personally, I prefer to be in control, one reason I love the combination of ElectrumSV and Money Button (+ mobile wallets)... I am paying attention to this discussion to learn about keyless in more detail... very happy about it, I think the more options we have, the better our BSV experience as users gets.