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Sorry to hear about your loss. I moved most of my Bitcoin to big exchanges, which are registered firms, and employed many engineers to keep fund safe.
Check@electrumsv it seems many users have lost coins lately. The hilarious thing is the coins are traceable to some address but we cannot do anything, so all the propaganda about honest, accountability, traceable ledger is A LIE.
electrumsv replied:
Please stop making up lies. Many ElectrumSV users have not lost coins, and those that lost them recently downloaded cooperated in investigating and it turns out despite many claiming they downloaded the legitimate version, after being prodded to give answers turned out to have gone to the wrong web site. Something that you did, but you refuse to investigate. Instead you just make angry rambling posts blaming us. Own your action in downloading the malware. At this point I wouldn't trust you to tell the truth if you by miracle of miracles were willing to investigate to tell the truth and own up to downloading the malware, even if you discovered you did. -- rt12
framore replied:
Of course! I use your shit wallet and got 8 coins stolen ! You want me to be kind to you? For me you are just a stealer or either you make crippled wallet. Both way if you don't like to be accused, send back 8 bsv or ask your friends how to get 8 bav back.
Good job