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There is no visible curvature even from 121,000 ft. The Horizon rises to eye level. The sun is visible through the view finder even though they claim it’s 93 million miles above. And, the sun produces a localized sun spot. That’s because.. The Earth is Flat.
Regarding your comment about Eratosthenes..
paidsockpuppet replied:
Guess what! The earth isn't FLAT in that image. :)
flatoshi replied:
Wow your clever.
flatoshi replied:
You're * before you say it πŸ˜„
paidsockpuppet replied:
I'm not so bad as to be a spelling/grammar nazi. :P
flatoshi replied:
Thank god they are the worst!
Yeah, except if you draw string line on the horizon, then you will see the curvature
flatoshi replied:
You should read up on how lenses work.
Except that it is curved. You can do this experiment for yourself, and prove to yourself that the earth is not flat using something equipment that kids in high school use. https://blogs.bath.ac.uk/engdes-student-insights/2018/02/13/launching-a-camera-to-the-edge-of-space-an-introduction/ https://www.balloonchallenge.org/gallery https://mashable.com/2017/04/07/diy-space-race-high-altitude-balloons
flatoshi replied:
Dude... that is CGI.
pafkata tipped:
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2 years ago
flatoshi replied:
Curious to what you think is going on here?
paidsockpuppet replied:
I thought we got past this with Eratosthenes.
flatoshi replied:
You should read up about kabbalah occultusts and their creations that you enjoy to blindly accept as reality. https://youtu.be/pqcIPk_bCJk
paidsockpuppet replied:
What a link! I'm convinced. The earth is flat.
flatoshi replied:
Good stuff.