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See how there's no reasonable answer to any of this, from anyone here, except the scenario I describe? -I post three comments here indicating I saw someone (Who I knew was Bitcoin Assassin, and nobody but me and he himself/his passenger would know, if it were him) outside of Subway -Bitcoin Assassin (Of all people!) responds to these 3 comments with nothing but a BSV transaction. No context. Just a BSV transaction. -I then reveal why I posted the thread in the first place, and that it was him I was calling out without naming names -He claims that he responded because I "Made it pretty obvious I was talking about them". Despite the fact that I only said "Enjoy your Subway?", then a time window and the location of that Subway - obvious to anyone reading that I had seen someone near a Subway and was timestamping when they would be on camera. -He then claims that he was trying to show me that CUB is okay, despite again not having ever discussed or pointed to CUB or BitcoinAssassin or anything else like that explicitly in the original three posts. -He has yet to even explain what he posted the transaction for, even given his explanation that it was "To show me CUB is okay". No context was ever posted with the transaction to begin with (How could I ever understand that was what he meant, just by posting a transaction? But, could I understand immediately, if what I am explaining is true, that those transactions were payment for a hit on me? Yes. Absolutely. That is why the transaction was posted.)
This is not being posted for my protection. That's not necessary. This is being posted so that everyone reading this who isn't connected to these people, understands who bad actors in this community are. That being, anyone lying here, and anyone supporting those liars - unless they are duped by the bad actors themselves.
felon_musk replied:
Lest we forget when BCA was whitelisted on the Twetchdat bot during the period where the bannings happened, and the bot was disabled for everyone except those whitelisted.
felon_musk replied:
I certainly didn't!
You see, the reason I posted everything cryptically to begin with was so that there would be ZERO indication I was talking about BitcoinAssassin. Despite that, he was the only person to respond, with nothing but a similarly cryptic BSV transaction. Flies in webs.
Truth is very simple, and obvious. Bullshit is too, when confronted with the former.
felon_musk replied:
I told you. I'm shown exactly what to do. I don't even need to think - this entity shows me, thinks for me, and speaks for me. Which is in the end, for itself.
felon_musk replied:
You can test it to your hearts desire. I trust it fully and have zero concern. You will find me out and about as I am normally, every single day.