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I'm unable to save edits to an existing file. Below the existing image appears in red color this: "File is required".
libs replied:
Thanks. I've got a big list of things to fix from day one 😅 This is on the list
"I’ve taken my time with Bitpost because I want to get the details right. Admittedly this has allowed unwriter to come and eat my lunch before I’d even buttered my bread, but I know both of us are more interested in increasing the size of the pie than anything else. To that end Bitpost is pleased to support Bitfeed from day one. I look forward to working with unwriter and others in leveraging ways to build a stronger and coherent ecosystem of connected apps and services on Bitcoin." hehe... I'm sure there's plenty of ways the two products can complement each other. I'll certainly give it a try. PowPress is sold as a content repository rather than a publishing platform. Could BitPost pull powpress content and be one of those platforms? Would love to see that.
libs replied:
Yes. I think it should be possible to use bitfeed to add powpress posts directly to bitpost. The two apps use slightly different approaches to identity, but where theres a will theres a way.
unwriter replied:
Right now everything is completely private to the owner on Powpress so you can only see your Bitfeeds when you're signed in, but in the future this will be made easier for export. Step by step! I happened to write a post about Bitfeed use cases and how Powpress makes use of Bitfeed just now, check it out: https://powping.com/posts/eae94f6647f6a73adc3aceda1442b58c4ae44a3ee33b80dda01ae97c80c64402
gendale replied:
powpost protocol v0.1 rss is dead long live powpost