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Be careful Craig... you might save the world!... 😁 "Craig Wright is a lockdown sceptic. Masks and isolation policies “don’t make a difference,” he says. Dr. Wright, the chief scientist of nChain, says he’s studied epidemiology and is convinced that, despite appearances and government claims, death rates are no worse than usual because “everything else has gone down equal to the number of COVID deaths.” He had the disease himself “months ago” and dismisses the experience as “terrible for a day.” The real damage from government response to the pandemic, he says, is long term. The disruption in trade affects developing countries: “If you look at the people in Sri Lanka who are not getting fed, the increases in poverty in African countries, the increases in poverty in Bangladesh etc., what we’re seeing is individuals who now are being marginalised and pushed into poverty for the first time in a long time. The world’s been moving away from poverty for the last 20 years significantly until COVID… Every person you push into poverty increases the global death rate.” " https://tpow.app/ee1803cb (Shortened with TonicPow)
jokerswarm tipped:
Well that’s his opinion, it’s not like he is trying to encourage enterprise-level migration of hospital patients’ health data onto BSV or anything. Oh wait.... Seriously, the more he talks, the further away he gets from landing any enterprise investment, especially in healthcare. Denying COVID deaths is not a bright move! The article says he also reads 5 books a day and writes 3 million words a month? That’s a Kim jong un level of achievement. I heard he gets a hole in one every time, too
glauce replied:
The more you talk, the more you sound like a dog with a bone... even Craig escapes you! Thank you, but no thank you, I don't need new double glazing or whatever it is you are selling.
sandysmoothie replied:
I don't understand the bone metaphor, but if it means I'm not impressed with Craig Wright, you are totally wright. What is there to be impressed with? he offers no evidence, no proof, no new ideas, just Trump conspiracy theories. I guess he is spending all his time reading and writing and doing zoom interviews with coingeek, but if he spent any time with real non-crypto billionaires, like health care workers and the people on the frontlines (many of them nonwhite), he would learn pretty quickly that people are indeed dying from this and it is A REAL THING. Again, that is cool to have his opinion, but you think the health care industry is going to be interested in putting all their patient data on BSV after interviews like this? They are not going to touch it with a ten foot pole, they know exactly how deadly this has been. Their sick patients won't stand for it either.
glauce replied:
As I said, no thank you... not interested in new double glazing units of any type, even if they were free, good bye.
adonsats replied:
totally misunderstood point. As many things we see since the creation of Covid.
glauce replied:
sandysmoothie replied:
I got the point completely.
He really needs to be careful... politics do not like this kind of speech :)
glauce replied: