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Learn to empathise Don't get trapped in an extreme Or you won't progress.
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
You're on it, without empathy life is a blur... how can you build on misunderstandings you don't even realise are there?
rlcreate replied:
Thanks@glauce exactly, I think the problem is people with extreme views don't want to listen to the other side, they get entrenched in their ideas and shout all others down
glauce replied:
Maybe extremists don't get that opposites are there to balance each other, to keep things sane.... I agree with you@ricreate, empathy is core
Nice and you're so right, like you say it is causing the human race to shout and shut down one another rather than converse and progress!
rlcreate replied:
Thanks and yeah people are shouting louder and louder with more extreme views and it's hard to see where it stops
glauce replied:
So good to hear voices of reason... how can anyone wish to eliminate opposite views, for what blandness?
rlcreate replied:
Exactly well said, if everyone has the same views or liked the same things the world would be a very boring place
emily replied:
You are welcome! I love what you are saying!
rlcreate replied:
Thank you, I think there are more and more extreme views with an inability to empathise, which is causing so many problems around the world at the moment