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As an introduction, I just want to say that I am by no means a seasoned developer. I have been working at learning some web development more recently and would love to start a group for people who are interested in starting and might want/need some direction. I have learned a good bit about figuring out where to start, which is honestly one of the hardest parts sometimes. Finding a good starting point is rough since everyone has some knowledge that falls into a variety of categories, and sometimes that can change the 'learning path' you should take. Please reach out and post anything that you want ---->>>>>
You put your finger on a very important issue... "figuring out where to start"... you are so right, that has always bug me... once you find the door (or "a" door, as you put it so well), curiosity and time seem to do the rest. Like you, I have also done some web development (static websites), so HTML5 and CSS are reasonably familiar... also implemented some JavaScript, but haven't done coding, apart from small modifications to suit my purposes. This group could be a nice big door to new territories, lovely!!!
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1 year ago
whiterabbit replied:
I am ins1d30ut on twetch. I am just creating this group to help others save time where I have lost it. I know it can be frustrating. So by all means, ask questions and I am sure someone will be able to answer. Hopeful I will myself.
glauce replied:
Thank you@whiterabbit ... will sure do!