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Kurt Wuckert Jr gives us a recap of the Genesis Anniversary Livestream, which I'd like to add, was a real pleasure to watch - 1:22:40 of hyper good vibes in an "approachable conversation about the technical aspects of the Genesis upgrade and Bitcoin SV" The troll box added to the zest with a further explosion of good vibes, humour, on the ball questions and a long list of sharp comments... oh, trolls included Craig and Shadders who decided to pop in for a chat. On the first instalment of his new CoinGeek series of livestreams, Kurt was joined by guests Connor Murray, nChain R&D ace Jack Davies and the CTO of CREA, Matej Trampuš, "whose team recently joined nChain and was critical in the development of Genesis". https://coingeek.com/genesis-anniversary-live-recap-kurts-perspective/ If you haven't watched yet, here it goes: https://youtube.com/watch?v=M17M_sKqIPA
pete tipped:
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2 years ago
Yes it was great... BTW this one I would like to share this to you my friend https://twet.ch/inv/rycanano
It was great, really enjoyed that one!
glauce replied:
Nice to hear it@marquee... I think this series will be a treat!